Xeriscape in Colorado Springs

Xeriscaping in Colorado Springs: Decrease Water Waste, Boost Curb Appeal

Xeriscaping refers to an environmentally-friendly method of landscaping that reduces the need for supplemental water. Due to a lack of easily accessible fresh water sources and dry conditions, xeriscaping in Colorado Springs is continuing to grow in popularity.

What is Xeriscaping?

Xeriscaping Colorado Springs

Xeriscaping makes use of plants and shrubs – and sometimes a variety of other visually appealing materials – that don’t require a lot of water. Colorado is one of the places where this trend is really catching hold. It often involves installation of native plants which naturally thrive in our area coupled with reduced turf grass area or use of water conscious turf.

It is important to note that while these plants require less water they do still require supplemental water to become well-established and continue to thrive in the landscape. Typically, after 3-4 years when your plants have become established you can slowly back off the amount of water they are receiving.

Some of the other materials and design features that are popular in xeriscaping include a variety of rock, dry stream beds, mulch, hardscape features, and wildflowers.

Want specifics? Eartheasy.com has put together an extensive list of plants that work well in Colorado’s arid climate.

Want to learn more about Xeriscaping including some of the benefits, considerations, and how to make your Xeric landscape beautiful? Download this free guide:

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Benefits of Xeriscaping: Less Waste, More Time

The most notable benefit of xeriscaping is the reduced impact on our natural resources. Xeriscaping reduces the need for fresh water to water lawns and plants. This frees up water for other uses.

It is also thought of as easier to maintain than a traditional installation, although not maintenance free. While you will have less to mow, aerate, and edge, beds should be regularly weeded and some plants will require pruning or being cut back in the spring.

Finally, xeriscaping gives Colorado Springs homeowners a lot of visual impact without much effort. Xeriscaped yards provide a different look and feel than traditional designs, and, as a result, stand out. Many homeowners opt for a sparser, modern look with lots of variation in texture and size.


Other Xeriscaping Considerations

Smart Irrigation is an important part of any landscape design and is especially true for a xeriscape. To use less water, and in turn save money, it is important to ensure that you have the proper type of system and program. Low volume irrigation, such as drip irrigation, should be run to each plant and emitters installed based on plant size. For watering lawns, we recommend adopting a cycle and soak program which will lessen the amount of water wasted through run-off. Rain and freeze sensors are other ways to help control water waste by turning off the system during such events. More information on smart irrigation is available here.

Often, the plant selections made for a xeriscape are great for other portions of our local ecosystem. Since natively growing plant selections are made these will help support bees, butterflies, and local population of birds.


If you would like help planning your water wise landscape our design team can give you advice on what is best for your area and help you with the installation and any maintenance that is needed. Just complete the contact form below!

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