national collegiate landscape competition 2019

Timberline Recap of the 43rd Annual NALP National Collegiate Landscape Competition

Timberline was excited to be a sponsor at this year’s National Collegiate Landscape Competition (NCLC). The NCLC is a three-day competition, testing the top landscape and horticulture students in real-world industry skills. It is also the largest Career Fair in the industry, connecting highly skilled students with top industry companies.

Josh Pool, Timberline’s Chief Operational Officer said this about the event: “I think I am most eager about the opportunity to meet students who are as excited about this industry as we are. We have a huge need for motivated and inspired young people who want to grow with a company who is consistently growing and expanding.”

The Plant Installation Event

This 2019 competition featured a Landscape Plant Installation Event. 1 3-person team from each school competed to install a landscape design in two hours.  This event challenged students to follow and execute a real-world design plan.  It was also geared towards helping them gain valuable field experience.  The plan, shown below, had a variety of different landscape elements.

Timberline Recap of the 43rd Annual NALP National Collegiate Landscape Competition plan
The teams were judged on if the design was installed accurately to the design plan and correctly. Safety, time, and working as a team were also important considerations. Our judges at Timberline Landscaping scored students accurately to what a customer would expect in the real world. We hold ourselves to a high standard of work, so we made sure that students used tools properly, safely executed plans, and presented a clean landscape design. This was a great way to help students reach a higher level of execution that would prepare them to be leaders in the landscape and horticulture industries.

Prepping for the Industry

We met many amazing students at the NCLC career fair who demonstrated such passion for the industry. These talented individuals are preparing to lead the future of landscaping and horticulture, bringing beautiful and professionally designed landscapes to the world.

Timberline had lots of fun at our booth with music, games, and Timberline gear giveaways. Our spring flowers seed packets and Colorado Landscape Timelines were a huge hit with the students. “Everyone did a great job setting up and getting everything together,” said Erick, Timberline’s Safety and Quality Assurance Manager.

The NCLC was a great time and in future years, Timberline hopes to be an event sponsor as well as sponsor individual teams.

Timberline Landscaping at the NCLC