Snow and Ice Management and Commercial Snow Removal

As one of the largest Snow and Ice Management contractors in Colorado Springs, you can count on Timberline to help your worries melt away and minimize your risk.

Don’t wait for wintry weather to strike. Get prepared ahead of time with Timberline’s snow and ice management services. The difference is black and white!

Instead of reacting to bad weather, we protect our clients’ outdoor surfaces ahead of time with our unique anti-icing service that stops snow and ice from bonding to the pavement. As the primary provider of anti-icing services in Colorado Springs, we know that preparation is the most important step in keeping your outdoor surfaces clear and safe for travel.

Anti-icing service treatment:

  • Lasts 3-5 days on pavement surfaces
  • 10x more efficient than de-icing after a storm
  • LEED-qualified and environmentally friendly, causing less damage to turf and plants
  • Leaves no visible residue that can be tracked through your building

Treat your surface before ice and snow can bond to the pavement and prevent hazardous walkways before a single snowflake falls.

When you choose Timberline for your commercial snow removal services you get much more than just a plow truck.

  • Your property will be assigned a dedicated snow manager who will check your site throughout each storm and remain in contact with you throughout.
  • Detailed snow maps are created for each property to ensure that snow piles are placed in the correct places for proper drainage as it melts.
  • Parameters for sidewalks and parking lots are established per property, whether it be zero tolerance or several inches.
  • Before and After documentation and conditions are recorded in order to minimize risk.

Snow removal in Colorado doesn’t have to be a disaster. Let us worry about keeping your snow and ice management needs under control. We’re the experts on winter lawn and outdoor preparation. Don’t wait until your parking lots are buried, get an estimate today!