Residential Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems

Save time, water, money, and stress….

Timberline Landscaping offers a high quality irrigation sprinkler system which is essential in maintaining the appearance of your property. We offer a variety of water-conserving sprinkler and irrigation systems that prevents your landscape from being over-watered. We also offer drip irrigation systems, cycle and soak systems, and more to optimize water usage and efficiency within your landscape. And you can be assured that our sprinkler systems are made using the highest quality heads, valves, timers, and fittings.

  • Design/Installation
  • Management
  • Repairs
  • Blowouts/Startups

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Want to make sure your system is running efficiently year round? Check out our year round maintenance packages that includes monthly irrigation checks!

Winter/Fall Tips

“It looks fabulous and uses little water….”

“I engaged Timberline to remove my front lawn and replace it with a composition of plants and walkways in 2013. It looks fabulous and uses little water with a new drip irrigation system. The workers were friendly and helpful when I asked questions about upkeep and care. The plants are already beginning to green up this spring. I will be contacting them again this year to continue the process of water saving landscaping.”

~Norma H.

Winterizing Your Irrigation System:

Be aware that freezing temperatures overnight require draining your backflow preventer, which can be done quickly and easily.

It is important to winterize your sprinkler system to prevent freeze damage. Damage will result in an inefficient system and may lead to costly repairs. To finish the winterization process the system must be blown out with an air compressor to remove all the water from the manifold, pipes, and heads.

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