Landscaping to reflect your brand

Landscaping to Reflect Your Brand

There are many things that can tie into your brand as a company: logo colors, company dress code, the website/social media pages, and your landscaping….wait, did you read that right? Yes, you did! The landscaping on your commercial property can say a lot about a company. In fact, the landscape is often the first impression of your business when customers arrive. So, how do you go about landscaping to reflect your brand? We have a few tips to help get you started!

Landscaping to reflect your brand

What does your company stand for? Plan a landscape that supports your company values.

Landscaping to reflect your brand

What are your company’s values? You can use these to formulate a landscape plan. For example: let’s say your company is big on green initiatives like recycling and water conservation. If so, you may want to incorporate xeriscaping, low water plants, and recycled landscaping materials into your landscape design. If your company supports saving the bee population, you could plant bee-friendly plants that support pollination. Another important thing to incorporate into your landscaping is your company signage. There are many creative ways to incorporate signage into flower beds, rock beds and other areas within your landscape.

Consider landscaping using your company colors.

Another way to reflect your brand in your landscaping is to use your company colors when selecting flower or plant colors. If you can’t find any flower colors that are close enough to the colors you want to use, consider picking colors to help your visitors feel a certain way. For example: red can evoke importance, passion or aggressiveness. Yellow is usually associated with happiness, friendliness or a warning. Green mostly represents a natural, stable and prosperous feeling. Blue is serene, trustworthy and inviting. Purple is associated with luxury or mystery. Choose your flower colors wisely, as they can drastically affect the emotions your customers feel!

Landscaping to reflect your brand

Keep your landscape looking sharp with a maintenance plan

In order to have a landscape that effectively reflects your brand, you need to make sure it is well kept and maintained. You could have a world-renown landscaper design and install your landscaping, but it won’t mean a thing if it is not well maintained. Select a professional landscape maintenance company to make sure everything is kept looking groomed and beautiful. Remember, when that landscaping company is on your property completing their work, they will also be representing your brand, so select a provider that is professional.

Once your landscaping is complete don’t forget to keep up with it by adding small enhancements to refresh the overall curb appeal of your property. Annual color, flower pots, fresh mulch and consistent weeding makes a huge difference in reflecting your company brand through your landscaping. For more information on boosting curb appeal click here.

Are you ready to match your brand to your landscape? Let our designers or maintenance team help!