Landscaping for Curb Appeal

Whether you are moving into a new home, preparing to sell, or just sprucing up there are several easy ways to give your home’s outward appearance a pick-me-up. Here is our round-up of easy ways that your landscape can boost curb appeal and, in turn, boost the value of your home.

Weed Control

Keeping your weeds in check gives your front yard a nice clean appearance. Consider applying a pre-emergent in the spring to help keep the weeds in check all season long. Spray or pull any weeds before they go to seed to avoid larger infestations.

Lawn Appearance

A lush green lawn can do wonders for your curb appeal. Apply fertilizer, aerate, and mow regularly to keep your lawn looking its best. Clean edges also do wonders for the overall appearance of your lawn. Edge regularly to give turf a crisp, clean look. Our Colorado Landscaping Timeline is a great resource for lawn care tips!


Prune Trees & Shrubs

Prune any overgrown trees or shrubs. Plants with damage from winter should have the dead portions removed as well. This allows the plant to direct all its energy towards new growth.

Flip or Install New Mulch

New mulch provides a fresh look in your beds and should be replenished every few years. You can also “flip” your existing mulch by using a rake to turn and fluff your existing mulch. On all Timberline maintained sites we flip the mulch twice per year.

Add Color with Annual Beds & Pots

Consider adding a pop of color by creating an annual bed or beautiful flower pots. Our guide to flowers by season provides some great insight on what to plant for spring, summer, fall, and even winter.



If well-suited to the overall design of your landscape a pathway can do wonders and provide a focal point in your yard. A plethora of options are available from flagstone, to gravel, or pavers.


Accent Boulders

A well-placed boulder is another fantastic way to easily add a focal point to an existing bed area. They also provide often needed interest during winter months.

Night Lighting

Curb appeal is a 24 hour affair and night lighting can make an amazing difference in the appearance of your property. Consider accenting a pathway, a tree, and features on your home like columns. Not only will night lighting allow you to enjoy a meal outdoors, it can help deter criminals.

Night Lighting

Camouflage Eyesores

Consider hiding your trashcan, keeping your hose put away, and camouflaging your air-conditioning unit or other utilities. Decorative lattice or strategic placement of plants is a great way to keep things looking neat & tidy. Ensure that trash and any pet debris is picked up regularly.


Patio furniture, yard décor, and other accessories make a house a home. A beautiful wreath on the front door is a small touch that can work wonders for the appearance of your entrance.

Think Seasonally

Your home can shine at any time of the year. Spring and fall cleanups of your landscape will keep things looking tidy. Winter watering on days over 40 degrees during winter will help your lawn and plants come back strong, and beautiful Christmas décor is a great touch.

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