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Why Safety Should be a Top Concern When Hiring a Landscape Contractor

Safety has become a bit of a buzzword in the contracting industry. Everyone is using the word safety when talking about their operations, and you just need your landscape to look right. Why does landscape contractor safety matter to you?

According to OSHA in the US, the prime contractor, building owner, or property manager can all be held liable for compliance. On commercial job sites, safety infractions could lead to a complete site shut down. For example, if a sub-contractor employee is hurt on the job while not wearing proper Personal Protective Equipment, it can result in costly fines for the general contractor. It can also halt project progress. Learn more about who is responsible for contractor injuries on-site.

It turns out safety matters a lot more than you would think when it comes to getting the landscape you desire. It ties into everything from how well machine operators know how to use the machinery correctly, to the overall professionalism and productivity of the team working on your landscape.

A company’s commitment to safety will directly tie into the quality of your final landscape and its longevity.

Here’s why safety should be one of your top concerns when determining which landscape contractor to hire:

Safety Proves the Landscape Contractor’s Level of Professionalism

Your landscape is a huge investment. You want to make that investment with professionals.

A company focused on safety is most likely constantly developing their professional operations in other places as well. Landscape contractors that focus on safety not only prove a commitment to their employees, but a commitment to their clients. How?

Safe employees:

  • are more knowledgeable
  • maintain clean workspaces and reduce hazards for everyone
  • care about doing the job right

When a landscape contractor invests in their employees’ safety, everyone benefits, including you and your property.

a company's commitment to safety shows their professionalism

Safety Increases Productivity

Safe landscape contractors know what they are doing. Their safety initiatives will automatically result in better operation and organization while completing your landscape.

Typical landscape installation involves the use of heavy landscape machinery. When you are working with a landscaping contractor committed to safety, you know that the individuals operating the machines will have high-level, productive equipment usage experience. This means the individual will:

  • Know how to operate the machinery which results in productive work
  • Have gone through safety training per the equipment manufacturer, OSHA, and have a high-level of experience using the equipment.
  • Be aware when operating machinery, reducing accidents and injuries
  • Understand the landscape needs and what part that equipment will achieve for a successful project

People who train together become better teams. When landscape contractors provide safety education to all employees, those employees will work better as teams. Strong teams are productive, effective, and passionate about getting the job done right.

They Will Use the Right Equipment

Using the right equipment could mean the difference when it comes to a long-lasting retaining wall or a hardscape walkway that doesn’t crack a year after being installed. For you, a landscape contractor that uses the right equipment means your landscape will be done with a higher level of quality that lasts.

This will also mean that the equipment will be safely operated because it will be up to date and maintained per the manufacturer.

How do you know if the landscape contractor you want to work with highly values safety?

safety training prevents injuries and stalled projects

Ask Them Their EMOD

This stands for Experience Modifier and the number is based upon the number of workers comp, accident claims and other things that indicate how safely that contractor operates. When looking at a contractors EMOD, a low number is good and shows a track-record of low incidents.

For certain commercial jobs, they won’t let you perform the work if your EMOD is not within a certain range.

Look at Their Website

Landscape contractors committed to safety will often highlight employee education, certifications, and mention safety on their website.

What Organizations Are They a Part Of?

Landscape contractors that are part of organizations such as the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) and other landscaping organizations, care about safety and education.

Ask the Landscape Contractor How They Commit to Safety

Landscape Contractors that emphasize their regular committee meetings, site orientations, and training, highly value safety. If that company also has a large number of Landscape Industry Certified team members, you and your landscape will be in good hands.

A landscape contractors’ commitment to safety directly correlates with the level of professionalism and productivity the team that is completing your landscape will have. Make sure you look into the safety initiatives of your contractor before hiring them. Learn more about Timberline Landscaping’s commitment to safety.