High Tech Landscaping for Homeowners

High Tech Landscaping for Homeowners

In today’s technology-based world most people own a smart phone, a tablet or a computer. Technology is inevitable in today’s society, and the landscaping industry is no exception. We have put together a list of some high tech landscaping and gardening tools that you can use in your own backyard!

Smart Irrigation Systems

Smart irrigation systems allow the user to control their sprinkler systems directly from their smart phones. These Wi-Fi enabled irrigation controllers utilize local weather forecasts to ensure your yard is getting the water it needs and will make adjustments in hot and dry weather vs. rainy or cool weather. This ensures that you are never watering your lawn while it’s raining and in turn wasting water. For more information on Smart Irrigation and Wi-Fi controllers, check out our blog here!

Robot Mowers

High Tech Landscaping for Homeowners
Photo courtesy of Husqvarna

The Husqvarna Automower is like a Roomba for your yard. This unique lawn mower can be programmed from your smart phone to mow your lawn any time of the day or night! The mower is very quiet, so it can be working all night while you sleep and it won’t disturb your neighbors. The Automower stays within your yard based on where you place the boundary wire. The boundary wire can be placed anywhere in your yard: around flower beds, trees, lawn furniture, and water features. If the mower does bump into anything/anyone the blades will fold away and the unit will automatically stop. There is a charging dock that you install in your yard for your mower and you can schedule it to return to the dock if your kids or pets are outside. The Automower makes small, even clippings of your grass which fall back down to the base of your grass forming a type of mini-mulch that fertilizes naturally.

Solar Powered Weeding Robot

High Tech Landscaping for Homeowners
Photo courtesy of Franklin Robotics

The Tertill  is a solar powered weeding robot for your garden. This neat little device is weatherproof, self-charging, and takes care of all your weeding using  a variety of sensors and a small spinning string trimmer to cut the weed off near the ground. Because it uses a height-based approach, plant collars are provided to put around your smaller baby plants. When the robot approaches the collar, it will recognize it and turn away. Your garden will need a short barrier to keep the Tertill from wandering away, but that could consist of fencing, edging that’s at least two inches tall or the wooden barrier of a raised bed.

Motion Activated Animal Deterrent

High Tech Landscaping for Homeowners
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The ScareCrow  is a motion-activated animal deterrent system to keep any hungry visitors from eating up your garden. The device consists of a sprinkler head on top of a motion detector that attaches to a spike that is placed in the ground. The motion detector is powered by a 9-volt battery. There is an attachment at the bottom where the user connects their garden hose. When the motion detector is activated, the sprinkler head dispenses a short burst of water to scare away whatever animals might be lurking near your plants.

Don’t have time for lawn care, but not ready to purchase your lawn robot fleet? Fill out the contact form below to hear from our team of landscape maintenance professionals. Timberline Landscaping is also proud to offer Wi-Fi irrigation controllers.

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