Going Green for Green Landscapes

Going Green


Maintaining a beautiful a landscape means caring not only for your yard, but being committed to protecting our environment while we do so. We’re serious about our commitment to eco-friendliness, and we’re proud of the way we’ve taken on that responsibility.

To keep Colorado Springs beautiful, we recently implemented several “eco-friendly” and “green” landscaping practices:


Propane Mowers

During the spring, we replaced half of our lawn mower fleet with propane mowers. Our owner, Tim Emick, decided to switch to propane after he realized the green quality and sustainability of propane-fueled equipment.

Propane mowers need less maintenance because propane burns cleanly. Propane is nontoxic, colorless, odorless, and reduces harmful carbon emissions.  Not only does this change benefit the environment, but propane mowers make us more efficient and effective!

Read more on the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado blog: What We’re Doing: Timberline Converts Mowers to Propane


Water-conserving Irrigation

Another way to implement green landscaping practices is choosing an irrigation system to make your yard more efficient. Smart irrigation systems, cycle and soak, and drip irrigation are some of the ways we can create water-conserving irrigation. We carefully set all irrigation systems to prevent overwatering. We also install smart irrigation systems like the Hydropoint WeatherTRAK to track your water usage and reduce excessive watering.

Here is a great example of the water savings that the Pine Creek Village Homeowners Association achieved in 2012:

“The WeatherTRAK technology met our expectations,” says Pine Creek Board Secretary Ed Neckar.  “Since 2008 our water rates have increased by fifty-three percent, but our actual water cost has only increased by twenty-seven percent.  The significant savings achieved prompted implementation community-wide in 2012.”

Read more about this story: Timberline Landscaping achieves savings of 2.8 million gallons for Colorado Homeowners Association.


Organic Material Recycling

We recycle our plant materials from job sites (such as pruned trees, sod) as part of our green practices. For recycling we created several large areas to separate plant materials such as thatch, branches, and mulch.

We take these separated materials to a local business where they are recycled, or turned into mulch. “Going Green” makes our city, state, and world a cleaner place to live. Contact us today to learn more about how we are “going green” for your green!