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Adventurers Wanted: A GAP Year Opportunity

Have you ever wanted to get away? Especially to an exciting and adventurous place where you could explore the best the outdoors has to offer? There is nothing like the seasons in the mountains, where you can experience a gap year and discover who you are in a deeper way.

Hiking in Colorado
Employees Working on Landscaping
Man traveler with backpack on top of mountain. Travel Lifestyle concept.
Landscaping with Retaining Wall
Timberline Landscaping Employees
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Colorado Scenery
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Construction on the Manitou Incline


Timberline Landscaping offers the ultimate experience for work and play, while providing epic mountain adventures. We offer employment at our company where you can get outside and work, while having 2 – 3 day weekends to yourself or with friends to explore wherever you want. Stay at a quality apartment and take advantage of our guided recreational opportunities to explore all that Colorado has to offer. Give back to the community by engaging in our company community service projects and partnerships. Take advantage of benefits, including health coverage. And who knows? You might even find a career with our company, which does everything from creating breathtaking landscapes to building exhilarating trails.

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Some fun Colorado activities to do during your Timberline Landscaping GAP Year include:

Activities to do in Colorado Working with Timberline Landscaping

Contact us to get started on your GAP Year:

Email: cloncar[at]timberlinelandscaping[dot]com

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