Christmas Lights on Residence in Colorado Springs

Eco Friendly Holiday Lighting

How much would Clark Griswold’s electric bill have been in Christmas Vacation? While his lights were amazing to behold, most of us would not dream of spending the additional $295.12 it would have cost him to light his home for the month of December ( So, how can you pull off beautiful holiday lighting without the added expense? The Christmas Décor professionals at Timberline Landscaping have some ideas that can help!

The Benefits of LED Lights

The benefits of utilizing LED holiday lighting are plentiful, especially in comparison to older incandescent lights.

LED lights use 90% less power

This leads to significant energy savings and a much more manageable electric bill. While you will notice that LED holiday lighting is almost double that of traditional lighting, the energy savings will equal their cost in just 4 seasons of use. Gone are the days of worry over blown breakers when your lights are on while you are making coffee. These energy efficient lights are much less likely to pose a problem.

LED lights don’t emit heat

When coupling a dry environment or dry tree with traditional Christmas lights, there is a risk of fire. The National Fire Protection Association reported that between 2010-2014 an annual average of $16.2 million in damages were caused as a result of Christmas tree fires. Since LED bulbs do not emit heat, they are a MUCH safer option for lighting your family home.Eco Friendly Holiday Lighting

LED lights last longer and are more durable

Remember that feeling in your stomach before plugging in a strand of lights? The dread that if one bulb was out then the whole strand was a goner? With LED lights you will never feel that way again! If one bulb goes out, the strand will continue to operate! Their durability makes them great for both indoor and outdoor use. They are weather resistant, store well, and do not break or shatter easily.

LED lights have a brighter and truer color when compared with incandescent lights

The possibilities are endless, the colors plentiful, and LED lights even come in a variety of fun shapes (snowflake lights anyone?)

If you have not yet made the change to LED holiday lights, consider participating in Colorado Springs Utilities’ Holiday Light Exchange. Now through December 23rd you can turn in your old incandescent lights in exchange for up to three $5 coupons toward the purchase of new LED lights.

Utilize Timers For Additional Energy Efficiency

Who hasn’t forgotten and left the holiday lights on all day and night? Each minute they are on means additional energy usage! A digital timer should be programmed to turn your lights off and on at set times. Many offer multiple start times and programs can even vary by day of the week. This can provide added security if you are away from home for the holidays.

Ready to view the best Holiday Light Display’s that Colorado Springs has to offer? Be sure to check out our interactive Christmas Lights Guide!

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