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Storm Damage to Trees_ Common Problems and Solutions

Storm Damage to Trees: Common Problems and Solutions

In 2019, the Bomb Cyclone followed by the May 20th late heavy snowstorm after temperatures were warming up did a number on trees. Part of this damage was caused by heavy winds and heavy, wet snow, but another reason why we are seeing tree damage is because of the hard freeze that occurred after the snowstorms, when many trees had already begun to awaken from their winter slumber.

This caused a lot of the die-back we currently see, as trees that were already beginning to bud lost their leaves.  Young trees, or those with any damage or health issues, may have been left with too little energy to re-leaf. Our arborists have compiled information to aid you, and your trees in recovering from this and future storms.

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Flowers By Season in Colorado Springs

Colorado has a unique climate that can vary from freezing winters to drought-like summers which can make maintaining a beautiful garden difficult without a well thought out plan. Flowers by Season in Colorado Springs is geared towards Colorado Springs’ climate, but we also recommend keeping your local climate in mind when selecting plants.

This guide will help you plant the right types of flowers at the right times which does everything from significantly increasing the curb-appeal of your home to attracting pollinators that fertilize your flowers for you.  We’ve also included some ideas to keep your garden colorful in the freezing months without floral blooms.

Want a list of our favorite Colorado flowers plus care instructions? Download this free guide:flowers by season downloadable image

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Can I Landscape in Winter in Colorado?

Can I Landscape in Winter in Colorado?

It’s the number one question landscapers receive in the cold winter months, “Can I landscape in winter?”  Perhaps you have recently moved into a new home, or the summer simply got away from you. Whatever the reason, the answer is YES! Read on to learn more about what you can accomplish in your yard this winter.

Winter is Prime Time to Plan Your Landscape

In order to get an early jump on your dream landscape in spring, consider consulting with a landscape designer during winter. Waiting until spring to begin the process often leads to increased wait times between the design and final installation of your project. Need a dose of inspiration to aid in planning your landscape? Check out our Pinterest pages! Continue reading Can I Landscape in Winter in Colorado?

Colorado Springs Christmas Lights Guide 2018

Christmas Decor by Timberline

The holiday season is here again, and there is no better way to celebrate than to take a Christmas lights tour around Colorado Springs! We’ve updated our guide of must-see areas, businesses and homes that have fantastic Christmas lights. We’ve also highlighted some hot cocoa & coffee stops along the way so you can stay cozy while you browse, and have included a playlist of all the best Christmas music to enjoy while you drive.

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Leaf covered in frost

The Importance of Winter Watering

Did you know that on average it takes 10 inches of snow to equal 1 inch of rain?!

This means that snowfall simply does not provide the water necessary for plant material over the winter months. All plants, newly planted trees and shrubs in particular, run the risk of frost damage or death without winter watering. Keeping the soil moist will keep roots from drying out, which prevents root loss and die back. Days over 40 degrees provide a great opportunity to get out your hose and winter water your grass, trees, and shrubs. Pay special attention to evergreens as they are more susceptible to winter dry-out.

Purchase a Moisture Meter

Moisture meters are available at local garden centers and hardware stores and will help you determine if additional moisture is needed. Consider purchasing one with a 6-12 inch probe as you will want to check moisture at the root level. Continue reading The Importance of Winter Watering

Christmas Lights on Residence in Colorado Springs

Eco Friendly Holiday Lighting

How much would Clark Griswold’s electric bill have been in Christmas Vacation? While his lights were amazing to behold, most of us would not dream of spending the additional $295.12 it would have cost him to light his home for the month of December ( So, how can you pull off beautiful holiday lighting without the added expense? The Christmas Décor professionals at Timberline Landscaping have some ideas that can help!

The Benefits of LED Lights

The benefits of utilizing LED holiday lighting are plentiful, especially in comparison to older incandescent lights.

LED lights use 90% less power

This leads to significant energy savings and a much more manageable electric bill. While you will notice that LED holiday lighting is almost double that of traditional lighting, the energy savings will equal their cost in just 4 seasons of use. Gone are the days of worry over blown breakers when your lights are on while you are making coffee. These energy efficient lights are much less likely to pose a problem. Continue reading Eco Friendly Holiday Lighting

Preparing Your Yard for Winter

How to Prepare Your Yard for Winter

With cooler fall temperatures arriving in Colorado comes a variety of tasks every homeowner should complete to protect their yard during cold winter months. Our lawn care professionals created this list of items to tackle in order to prepare your yard for winter.


If you have not already done so, aerate your turfgrass. This will lessen soil compaction and allow nutrients and water to penetrate your lawn.


Fertilize using a high nitrogen fertilizer such as 46-0-0. Aim to apply 1 – 1.5 lb Nitrogen per 1000 square feet of turf. This late season formula will boost energy storage for early spring green up. Continue reading How to Prepare Your Yard for Winter

Holiday Lighting Tips

Holiday Lighting Tips

Many of us hold dear the memory of our childhood home decorated for the Christmas Season. Those warm lights glowing on a cold night and the feelings they bring are something we strive to recreate for our children, visiting family, and even strangers passing by. Here are some professional holiday lighting tips to create a memorable display this year.

Start Early and Develop a Plan

It is much safer and more pleasant to install your lighting before the weather becomes too frigid. Slippery ice on your pavement or roof adds an extreme level of danger and difficulty to an already time consuming task. Check with your HOA before installing. Many HOA’s will allow you to hang lighting early as long as it is not turned on until after Thanksgiving.

Developing a plan prior to climbing your ladder is incredibly helpful. Your lights serve to welcome visitors to your home, so consider your front door as a focal point. A wide variety of colors and combinations are available depending on your taste but simple design is often a reliable holiday classic.

5 Key Design Areas

5 elements of holiday lighting

At Timberline Landscaping we design and install with 5 key elements in mind.

  • Roofline- Adding lights to your roofline and gutters of your home will provide the timeless look so many of us hope for in a lighting display.
  • Windows- Frame focal windows to add more interest.
  • Ground Décor- Add lighting to your pathways and driveways. It is beautiful and will help company safely navigate to your front door at night.
  • Trees & Shrubs- When selecting which of your trees and shrubs to light remember that they should frame the focal point of your home. They can also provide balance to your overall display.
  • Daytime Décor- Many people forget to consider daytime elements. Adding garland, wreaths, and festive bows can give your home a welcome feel before the sun goes down.

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