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Maintaining Your Outdoor Water Features

Water features like fountains and manmade ponds make beautiful additions to landscapes, but such beautiful additions require an investment – a maintenance investment. Over time, water features can leak, clog, or grow algae if they are not properly maintained.

We interviewed Kyle Weemhoff, Western Regional Sales Manager at Timberline partner Atlantic Water Gardens, who has provided us with some of the best tips to properly maintain and repair the most common water features on Colorado landscapes. Continue reading Maintaining Your Outdoor Water Features

Water Features: A Roundup of Our Favorites and a Few Tips

Close your eyes. Does your dream landscape include the soft sound of a water feature bubbling in the background while you enjoy relaxing in your outdoor living space?   Most of us feel a strong pull toward water – and well-designed water features can work wonders for even the most minimal landscaping.

Water features come in a variety of styles and sizes. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite installations – along with a few things to think about if you’re dreaming of babbling brooks and miniature Niagaras.

Types of Water Features

Bubbling Boulders and Fountains

Bubbling Boulder
Bubbling Boulder

Bubbling boulders are a fantastic option for those who want the ambiance of a water feature but may have limited space and budget. With a large variety of boulders and rocks available there are options for every style, from modern to rustic. Multiple holes can be drilled into bubbling boulders for added visual interest.

Fountains are similar to bubbling boulders in that they sit on a pond-free basin. The options are endless, from modern basalt columns to large decorative vases and they come in a very wide variety of sizes and budgets. Continue reading Water Features: A Roundup of Our Favorites and a Few Tips

Next Year, Winterize Your Water Features to Enjoy Them in the Spring

Raking leaves: done. The last fall mowing: completed. Vulnerable plants: covered. You probably congratulated yourself a few months ago when you figured you’d done everything in your power to secure your landscaping for the coming cold season. And then you remembered – maybe a week later, maybe not until the first significant snowfall – that you hadn’t touched your water features.  Properly preparing water features for winter will save you money and time in the following spring. We’ll focus on your smaller water features for this post – because for your larger features, a simple DIY just won’t do the trick. (If you have some large water features, call the pros at Timberline, of course!) In this post, we’ll cover smaller, open ponds and pond-free features without fish – features that use less than 200 gallons of water. Continue reading Next Year, Winterize Your Water Features to Enjoy Them in the Spring