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Choosing the Right Size Tree for Your Colorado Springs Landscape

Choosing the Right Size Tree for Your Colorado Springs Landscape

There are so many choices when it comes to selecting a tree for your landscape. You want something that is going to be beautiful, hardy in the Colorado climate, and last a long time.

But, one of the most important things is making sure your tree has the space to grow. When a tree is planted too close to structures or the tree does not have the space to grow to its mature size, it can harm the tree. Planting in an area that is too small stunts tree growth and can even decrease the number of years the tree will live. Trees that are stunted may be less hardy and even attract harmful insects and diseases.

This is why it is important to plan for the future of the tree and consider the mature tree’s dimensions. Height is how tall the tree is likely to grow and spread is the width.

Below, our tree experts have included the large trees that many people know of and the substitutes that may be better suited to the size of your property. The tree categories we discuss are:

  • Evergreen trees and substitutes
  • Deciduous trees and substitutes
  • Ornamental trees great for small to medium spaces

Choosing the right size tree for your Colorado Springs landscape:

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Flowers By Season in Colorado Springs

Colorado has a unique climate that can vary from freezing winters to drought-like summers which can make maintaining a beautiful garden difficult without a well thought out plan. Flowers by Season in Colorado Springs is geared towards Colorado Springs’ climate, but we also recommend keeping your local climate in mind when selecting plants.

This guide will help you plant the right types of flowers at the right times which does everything from significantly increasing the curb-appeal of your home to attracting pollinators that fertilize your flowers for you.  We’ve also included some ideas to keep your garden colorful in the freezing months without floral blooms.

Want a list of our favorite Colorado flowers plus care instructions? Download this free guide:flowers by season downloadable image

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Can I Landscape in Winter in Colorado?

Can I Landscape in Winter in Colorado?

It’s the number one question landscapers receive in the cold winter months, “Can I landscape in winter?”  Perhaps you have recently moved into a new home, or the summer simply got away from you. Whatever the reason, the answer is YES! Read on to learn more about what you can accomplish in your yard this winter.

Winter is Prime Time to Plan Your Landscape

In order to get an early jump on your dream landscape in spring, consider consulting with a landscape designer during winter. Waiting until spring to begin the process often leads to increased wait times between the design and final installation of your project. Need a dose of inspiration to aid in planning your landscape? Check out our Pinterest pages! Continue reading Can I Landscape in Winter in Colorado?

How to choose a landscape design and install company

How to Choose a Landscape Design & Install Company

Choosing to hire a landscape design and install company can seem like a complicated task, but in reality, all it takes is a little research and the process can be quite simple and rewarding. Your goal should be to have a yard that you are proud to call your own and a place that you can go to relax and escape the antics of everyday life. There are a few basic things to consider when choosing a landscape design and install company.

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5 Ways to Prepare For Your Meeting with a Landscape Designer

5 Ways to Prepare for Your Meeting with a Landscape Designer

So, you are finally making your back yard dreams a reality and hiring a landscape designer! Redesigning your landscape can be a fun and rewarding process! Being prepared for your meeting with your landscape designer can help them create your custom landscape as well as expedite the design and installation process. Here are 5 ways to prepare for your meeting with a landscape designer.

Think about the functionality of your yard

What do you want to use your yard for? You might be hosting parties for the neighborhood or after-school play dates for your kids. If you have pets that like to chomp on plants, you should consider using plants that are not toxic to your animals! For a list of pet friendly landscapes click here. Another consideration is how much maintenance you want to do on your landscape. Your landscape designer will be able to customize your yard according to your needs! Continue reading 5 Ways to Prepare for Your Meeting with a Landscape Designer

Colorado Springs Turf Grass Comparisons

Colorado Springs lawn

There is a lot to consider when deciding what type of turf grass should be planted in a new landscape in Colorado Springs. Because of the elevation, temperatures, and climate, there are many types of plants and turf grasses that do not grow well in the area, especially on larger landscapes.

At Timberline Landscaping, we recommend cool-season grasses – either Kentucky bluegrass or Tall Fescue, for a Colorado Springs lawn. These two kinds of grass are two of the most popular grasses in the Springs, and for good reason. Both are extremely durable, recover nicely from foot traffic, but also stay green and lush for long periods of time.

While both perform somewhat similarly, there are some differences that could impact the decision-making process. We have compared the two to help you make a decision. Continue reading Colorado Springs Turf Grass Comparisons

Outdoor Fire Features, stucco firepit

Using Fire Features to Enjoy Your Yard in Winter

In a Colorado Springs winter, it’s enjoyable to go outside to ski or play in the snow. However, what if you just want to relax outside with friends and enjoy the snowy view? When it’s cold out, relaxing outdoors can seem out of the question, but it’s not as crazy as you would think. When it’s too chilly out to spend some time on your patio, fire features like an outdoor fireplace could be just what you need to warm up your patio space and enjoy it all year long – even on the coldest winter day.

According to the American Society of Landscape Architects, fire features are the No. 1 requested design feature for residential properties. There are many things to consider while pondering whether to add fire features to your outdoor space. The design, how it burns, and what you want to use the fire features for can all influence your buying decision. Continue reading Using Fire Features to Enjoy Your Yard in Winter

Planting For Fall Color

Planting for Fall Color

Fall, it’s a favorite time of year for many Colorado residents, and for good reason. The switch flips in late September and suddenly the air is cooler and the leaves begin to change. We are well known for groves of golden yellow Aspens but there are many other choices you can make in your yard to bring in a variety of beautiful fall color this autumn. Continue reading Planting for Fall Color