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Green Roofs and Rooftop Gardens

The Benefits of Green Roofs and Rooftop Gardens

Green roofs and rooftop gardens are increasing in popularity across Colorado and the United States, as urban dwellers seek to feel more connected to nature. They are beneficial for many other reasons, causing some municipalities to begin to require their inclusion when an existing roof is replaced. In fact, in November 2017, Denver voters passed a green roof initiative that requires the addition of some type of reflective roof or a form of green infrastructure. What are the benefits and why might you consider installing a green roof or rooftop garden on your commercial property? Read on to learn more.

Building a rooftop garden

Why Construct a Green Roof?

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Things You Should Know About Landscape Lighting

Things You Should Know About Landscape Lighting

When you love your landscaping, you want to enjoy it much as possible, right? So why limit that to daylight hours? Landscape lighting brings out the best of what you’ve got by highlighting your home’s architectural features and drawing attention to your beautifully manicured trees and flower beds. Landscape lighting can also help turn your yard into an outdoor living space to be enjoyed day and night! Adding landscape lighting to your property not only makes your landscaping visible at night, it can also help keep your family and belongings safe. Here are the essential things you should know about landscape lighting.

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Christmas Lights on Residence in Colorado Springs

Eco Friendly Holiday Lighting

How much would Clark Griswold’s electric bill have been in Christmas Vacation? While his lights were amazing to behold, most of us would not dream of spending the additional $295.12 it would have cost him to light his home for the month of December ( So, how can you pull off beautiful holiday lighting without the added expense? The Christmas Décor professionals at Timberline Landscaping have some ideas that can help!

The Benefits of LED Lights

The benefits of utilizing LED holiday lighting are plentiful, especially in comparison to older incandescent lights.

LED lights use 90% less power

This leads to significant energy savings and a much more manageable electric bill. While you will notice that LED holiday lighting is almost double that of traditional lighting, the energy savings will equal their cost in just 4 seasons of use. Gone are the days of worry over blown breakers when your lights are on while you are making coffee. These energy efficient lights are much less likely to pose a problem. Continue reading Eco Friendly Holiday Lighting

The Best Plants for Xeriscaping

The Best Plants for Xeriscaping

Ready to save water but also want to enjoy a beautifully landscaped yard? If so, xeriscaping, an environmentally friendly method of landscaping that uses water conserving plants and principles, may be for you. Our landscape design team put together some favorite xeric plants for Colorado Springs and Lisa Pace, Water Conservation Specialist from Colorado Springs Utilities, provided some other great insights for plant selection. Continue reading The Best Plants for Xeriscaping

Landscaping the US Open at The Broadmoor

How Sustainable Landscaping Benefits Your Business

Sustainable landscaping doesn’t only benefit the environment; it can benefit your business as well. It can save your business money and earn your firm special certifications while contributing to a healthier Colorado Springs environment.

Many members of the Timberline team are certified with The Green Industries of Colorado (Green CO), and adhere to Best Management Practices for Sustainability. These environmentally friendly practices set “guidelines on how to reduce water consumption and protect water quality while producing, designing, installing and maintaining healthy, beautiful landscapes.” Continue reading How Sustainable Landscaping Benefits Your Business

How Efficient Landscaping Can Save Your Business Money

How Efficient Landscaping Can Save Your Business Money

Having a beautiful landscape will not only make your business look beautiful, well-kept, and welcoming, but it can save your business money as well. Efficiently landscaping your business can cut the costs of heating and cooling, damage repair, and water use.

Plant Trees and Conserve Energy

Trees can make a beautiful addition to your business’s landscape. Not only are they good for the environment, but they can also save your business money on air conditioning. Planting trees 15 to 20 feet from your home on the west and south sides can shade your business from the sun in the heat of the day. Also, planting trees in a place where they can shade your air conditioning unit can also cool down your unit, so it doesn’t work as hard and will use less power. Learn more about conserving energy through landscaping on our blog, “How Landscaping Can Increase Energy Efficiency.”

Practice Smart Irrigation

Here in Colorado Springs, water can be expensive. The small act of having an irrigation technician check your system or simply controlling your irrigation can save your business money in the long run. A professionally installed irrigation system can sense the level of moisture in your soil and can cut your water costs by up to 20 percent. This can save you from the hassle and cost of replacing plants and trees that can be damaged from storms and overwatering in the winter months as well.

Proper Drainage Prevents Damage

Installing proper drainage systems can save your property from major damage in the long run, which can result in saving your business a lot of money in repairs. Proper drainage system can direct the flow of flood water and flood waste away from your property. This can prevent erosion and damage from your parking lots and other business areas.

The cost of efficiently landscaping your business will actually end up saving you money in the long run. All of these practices can make cuts to your monthly bills, providing you with the opportunity to use that saved money to continue building your business. Hire a landscape professional to assist you in making these money-saving changes by contacting Timberline for a consultation today, or visit our commercial maintenance page for more information.

Landscaping for Energy Efficiency

How Landscaping Can Increase Energy Efficiency

Whether you realize it or not, landscaping can impact your home’s energy efficiency. Colorado Springs has a cool climate, even though it borders a hot-arid area. Selecting plants strategically can impact your home’s energy efficiency as well as smart watering practices, soil quality and more.

Strategic Planting

The location of your plants can actually reduce cooling costs in the summer, and heating costs in the winter. For example, planting trees or shrubs that cast a shadow on your home’s windows during the hottest part of the day has the potential to reduce solar gain, ultimately resulting in lower energy bills. However, you don’t want these shadows casting during the winter, since the sun’s rays can help naturally heat your home. To accomplish this, choose deciduous trees that shed their leaves during cooler months.

Tree as Energy Conservation

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Can an irrigation system make your yard more efficient?

Lush, green lawns and well-planned, vibrant landscaping is a beautiful sight to see. But your lawn and landscaping do more than make your home look aesthetically pleasing. For one, your grass, shrubs and trees can remove dust, smoke and other pollutants from the air. They also provide you with privacy and increase your property value. A beautifully landscaped yard is truly worth taking care of – but sometimes, that’s easier said than done.

Even the most diligent gardener will occasionally have trouble watering her plants at the most beneficial time day in and day out. There’s an easy and surprisingly eco-friendly solution: a professionally installed irrigation system. The innovative systems available today can save you both time and money. Continue reading Can an irrigation system make your yard more efficient?

Choosing Locally Grown Plants: Better for Your Garden, Greener for the Earth

Whether you’re excitedly planning a sprawling garden at your new home or are ready to revamp your current landscaping design, choosing the right plants for your area is essential. And while it’s tempting to cover your acreage in exotic plants from around the world, it turns out that locally grown plants are by far the best choice for your garden and the earth. While you might not be able to recreate a dense jungle in your own backyard, you can enjoy a yard that will flourish year after year. Continue reading Choosing Locally Grown Plants: Better for Your Garden, Greener for the Earth