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Internships & GAP Year

Timberline Quest- Educational Opportunities in Colorado Springs

Have you ever wanted to get away? Especially to an exciting and adventurous place where you could explore the best the outdoors has to offer? There is nothing like the seasons in the mountains, where you can experience a gap or education year and discover who you are in a deeper way.

Timberline Quest offers the ultimate experience for work and play with internships and GAP year experiences, while providing epic mountain adventures. We offer employment at our company where you can get outside and work, while having 2-3-day weekends to yourself or with friends to explore wherever you want.

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Stay at a quality apartment and take advantage of our guided recreational opportunities to explore all that Colorado has to offer. Give back to the community by engaging in community service projects and partnerships. Take advantage of our benefits, including health coverage.

And who knows? You might even find a career with our company, which does everything from creating breathtaking landscapes to building exhilarating trails. Between our options for internships, a gap year, and career-level employment, we are here to give you the chance to become a part of an organization committed to employee growth and development.

What are the specific opportunities?

timberline internships header1. Paid Internships in Colorado Springs

Our Colorado Springs Internships allow you to get paid and gain real-world experience in the outdoor & landscape industry. We also have office opportunities for business interns.

We offer college students and graduates 3–6 month internships. Sharpen your skills and knowledge to become an innovative and capable professional. If you need us to help you accomplish certain objectives that your school requires, we will sync our internships plans to accommodate your school’s requirements.

You will devote 80% of your time to the internship’s core program, and 20% of your time learning relevant skills connected to the core program. For example, internships that have an impact on field work, such as design and estimating, will spend 20% of their time centered on the project lifecycle concept with various departments and units.

internship applicationLandscape Horticulture Intern

Landscape Design Intern

Landscape Construction Intern

Account Management Intern

gap year header2. Paid GAP Year in Colorado Springs

Take a year with us to perform meaningful work and service, play hard, and get to know yourself and others in a deeper way.

We offer employment at our company where you can get outside and work, while having 2–3 day weekends to yourself or with friends to explore wherever you want.

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Email: employment[at]timberlinelandscaping[dot]com

The benefits offered through Timberline Quest


Timberline Landscaping Internships and GAP Year benefits infographic


Housing. Timberline has special relationships with regional housing managers for you to rent from to help you find a place if you so choose, and a roommate (if you would like a roommate).

Opportunities for Life Skills. We offer classes that will help you obtain some great life skills, including:

  • Wilderness Survival
  • ‘Leave No Trace’
  • Real-World Budgeting
  • …and more!

Recreation. Once a month, Timberline One will host or partner with recreational opportunities to do fun things together as a company, including:

  • Ziplining
  • White Water Rafting
  • Hiking Pike’s Peak
  • In-house parties and social gatherings
  • …and more!

Why Colorado Infographic

Activities to do in Colorado Working with Timberline LandscapingService. Giving back through our time and efforts is important to the culture of Timberline One. Give back through our numerous community partnerships, including Pikes Peak Urban Gardens and the Ronald McDonald House.

Medical Benefits. Obtain health coverage through our company. (note: medical coverage is for gap year employees and interns who work at Timberline for at least two months)

What People Are Saying About Timberline Quest

“I got real-world experience and got to do some of my own designs for clients. During the internship, I was able to apply what I already know from school but also got to learn so much more.”

-Lisa, Landscape Design Intern

Start your adventure today.