What NOT to do when Decorating Your Yard for the Holidays

What NOT to do when Decorating Your Yard for the Holidays

Here at Christmas Décor by Timberline, we talk a lot about holiday lighting styles and things you should do when it comes to your holiday décor. People who decorate for the holidays are happier and it even fosters a sense of community.

We’re the furthest thing from the Grinch, but there are some things you do not want to do when decorating your yard for the holidays. Staying safe, limiting required maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing displays are the goal. If you’d rather not take care of all of the things required to hang your lights, we offer holiday décor done for you. If you’d like to take care of your décor, read on for common mistakes not to make.

Don’t Use Indoor Holiday Lights Outdoors

Indoor lights are not made to handle the outdoor elements. With the heavy, wet snow we receive in Colorado Springs, using indoor lights can actually be dangerous. They may not be resistant to water and may break more easily. Make sure the Christmas lights you purchase specify that they are for outdoor use.

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Choosing the Right Size Tree for Your Colorado Springs Landscape

Choosing the Right Size Tree for Your Colorado Springs Landscape

There are so many choices when it comes to selecting a tree for your landscape. You want something that is going to be beautiful, hardy in the Colorado climate, and last a long time.

But, one of the most important things is making sure your tree has the space to grow. When a tree is planted too close to structures or the tree does not have the space to grow to its mature size, it can harm the tree. Planting in an area that is too small stunts tree growth and can even decrease the number of years the tree will live. Trees that are stunted may be less hardy and even attract harmful insects and diseases.

This is why it is important to plan for the future of the tree and consider the mature tree’s dimensions. Height is how tall the tree is likely to grow and spread is the width.

Below, our tree experts have included the large trees that many people know of and the substitutes that may be better suited to the size of your property. The tree categories we discuss are:

  • Evergreen trees and substitutes
  • Deciduous trees and substitutes
  • Ornamental trees great for small to medium spaces

Choosing the right size tree for your Colorado Springs landscape:

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7 Ways to Make Your Colorado Landscape More Eco and Environmentally Friendly header

7 Ways to Make Your Colorado Landscape More Eco and Environmentally Friendly

So your water bill has been a bit high and the lawn maintenance is taking up a lot of your time, or maybe you just want your landscape to be more environmentally friendly as you try to reduce your environmental impact and help the bees.

Whatever your reason for going green, the switch is well worth it and doesn’t have to be difficult. Below are 7 things you can do to make your Colorado landscape more eco and environmentally friendly.

Why is eco-friendly landscaping important?

When making the switch to a more sustainable landscape, the goal is to reduce waste, reuse non-toxic materials, and recycle.

As much as 50% of water usage occurs outdoors for irrigation and a significant amount of that is wasted (as much as 50%). By using more sustainable methods in your landscaping, such as selecting native plants and utilizing smart irrigation, not only does your yard become more sustainable, but you’ll also see significant cost savings.

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Storm Damage to Trees_ Common Problems and Solutions

Storm Damage to Trees: Common Problems and Solutions

In 2019, the Bomb Cyclone followed by the May 20th late heavy snowstorm after temperatures were warming up did a number on trees. Part of this damage was caused by heavy winds and heavy, wet snow, but another reason why we are seeing tree damage is because of the hard freeze that occurred after the snowstorms, when many trees had already begun to awaken from their winter slumber.

This caused a lot of the die-back we currently see, as trees that were already beginning to bud lost their leaves.  Young trees, or those with any damage or health issues, may have been left with too little energy to re-leaf. Our arborists have compiled information to aid you, and your trees in recovering from this and future storms.

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Your Colorado Fragrance Garden Guide_ Must-Have Plants

Your Colorado Fragrance Garden Guide: Must-Have Plants

There’s nothing quite like walking outside in early spring and breathing in the smell of fresh flowers. Your fragrant garden will attract pollinators and make your yard more enjoyable to spend time in.

Many of the scented flowers will be in bloom from spring to fall depending on the variety. We collaborated with Heidrich’s Colorado Tree Farm to create this list of must-haves for your fragrance garden in Colorado.

Before you get started, Heidrich’s recommends this tip for planting your fragrance garden: “Place the garden in a location that you will get the most out of it and where you and your guests will walk past it or by a window that you will have open. Make sure to consider the amount of sun the locations gets as you will get better bloom production with full sun exposure. Be sure to place plants together by their water needs as well. This will ensure that one is not drowning or staying too dry in the area. Deadheading, by cutting off the old blooms, will ensure more bloom production as well.”

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4 Steps to a Functional and Aesthetically Pleasing Veggie Garden

Compared to the beauty of flower gardens, vegetable gardens get a bad rep. Vegetable gardens provide so many benefits, from the delicious veggies they produce that will cut your grocery costs, to the control you have in selecting seeds, and even the health benefits of reducing stress and providing fresh air. The problem is, traditional veggie gardens are not aesthetically pleasing, but you can have the best of both worlds. Here are 4 steps to a functional and aesthetically pleasing veggie garden:

  • Garden Structure and Layout
  • Plant Selection: Think Color and Growing Season
  • The Fun Part: Plant Layout
  • Aesthetic Bonus Points

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hail season guide by Timberline Landscaping for Colorado

Be Prepared: Shielding Your Plants from Hail Storms and Treating Damage

When gardening, we prepare our plants for success by amending our soil, watering properly, and preventing disease and pests but, one of the most deadly pests can destroy your garden within a matter of minutes. The Colorado hail season can last from April to September, but the most dangerous month is June.

With some preparation, you can minimize and even prevent hail damage to your plants. From hail protection to caring for damaged plants, this is your guide to getting them through Colorado’s severe weather by shielding your plants from hail storms.

Hail Season Guide:

  • Before Hail Season Preventative Prep
  • What to do When Hail is in the Forecast
  • Unexpected Storms: What to do After the Damage has Occurred

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Whats Wrong with My Tree

What’s Wrong With My Tree?

When it comes to tree diagnosis, there is a wide variety of issues and diseases that can keep your tree from thriving; insects, fungal diseases, environmental factors, and issues from improper care, just to name a few. We teamed up with our Certified Arborist and Heidrich’s Colorado Tree Farm Nursery to create this list of common issues in Colorado Springs.

By gathering the proper information and taking a closer look at the tree and other environmental factors, you can begin to uncover the mystery of your suffering arbor. Continue reading What’s Wrong With My Tree?

Steps for Overseeding Your Colorado Lawn

Steps for Overseeding Your Colorado Lawn

Over time yards can thin and appear dull due to use and compaction. The solution to this problem is to enhance your lawn with healthy young grass, a process known as overseeding. This will fill in bare spots and thicken your lawn.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  1. Signs that it is time to overseed
  2. What is overseeding?
  3. What time of year should I overseed?
  4. Things you’ll need
  5. Steps to overseeding your Colorado lawn

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Flowers By Season in Colorado Springs

Colorado has a unique climate that can vary from freezing winters to drought-like summers which can make maintaining a beautiful garden difficult without a well thought out plan. Flowers by Season in Colorado Springs is geared towards Colorado Springs’ climate, but we also recommend keeping your local climate in mind when selecting plants.

This guide will help you plant the right types of flowers at the right times which does everything from significantly increasing the curb-appeal of your home to attracting pollinators that fertilize your flowers for you.  We’ve also included some ideas to keep your garden colorful in the freezing months without floral blooms.

Want a list of our favorite Colorado flowers plus care instructions? Download this free guide:flowers by season downloadable image

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