Fountain water feature

Maintaining Your Outdoor Water Features

Water features like fountains and manmade ponds make beautiful additions to landscapes, but such beautiful additions require an investment – a maintenance investment. Over time, water features can leak, clog, or grow algae if they are not properly maintained.

We interviewed Kyle Weemhoff, Western Regional Sales Manager at Timberline partner Atlantic Water Gardens, who has provided us with some of the best tips to properly maintain and repair the most common water features on Colorado landscapes. Continue reading Maintaining Your Outdoor Water Features

Incline Update: October 17, 2017

As of today we are estimated to be 60% complete with our work on The Manitou Incline’s third phase of construction. 24 retaining walls have been completed and we expect to have the remaining 7 in by the end of the week. All 10 water chases are finished. These measures will protect the trail from further erosion.

The entire stair case has been laid out and our next focus will be on installing the metal brackets and cabling that will ensure that steps stay in place for many years to come. Erosion control netting will be flown in on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week (weather permitting).

Manitou Incline Construction

Incline Update: September 22, 2017

We are currently estimated to be 25% through with Phase III of the reconstruction on the Manitou Incline. Our focus at the beginning of the project has been to get the proper supplies to the trail (via helicopter) and to remove old drainage culverts and unsafe steps.

To date, we have started 4 of the 17 total retaining walls and 5  of the 11 water chases.

Since the trail is so steep, crews had to dig out flat areas next to the steps in order to create flat spots for the helicopter to drop items such as concrete, timbers, and metal pipes. Each load is carefully weighed to ensure that we are carrying a safe amount, while also maximizing each trip that the helicopter takes. The trail is marked to indicate where specific items will be placed to avoid having to carry heavy materials up or down the Incline.

Manitou Incline Construction



Timberline Manitou Incline team

Rebuilding the Manitou Incline: The Crew Behind the Reconstruction

Since 2014, Timberline Landscaping has had the responsibility and privilege of working on phases I, II, and III of the reconstruction of the Manitou Incline. Working on such a beloved Colorado staple is an honor for our team, but such an honor does not come without a significant amount of work.

Our dedicated team of trail builders has spent countless hours not only reconstructing the trail and improving its safety and quality, but also climbing it countless times and hauling heavy equipment up and down the Incline. They have even been visited by rogue bears – all for the benefit of the trail and its faithful hikers.

To honor our team and all their hard work, we wanted to highlight our teammates and give them the opportunity to tell you about their experiences on the trail. We asked Erik Mondragon (Project Manager), Hugo Benitez (Foreman, Helicopter Director), Diego Martinez, Omar Gonzalez, and Victor Bravo to share some of the insights they’ve gathered working on the Incline.

team on the incline

What does it mean to you to have worked on such a popular trail?

Mondragon: “It meant a great deal to me, and still does, because I really want to do the last phase! The Incline is something that doesn’t come across as an opportunity to do work on, ever. I think we were very blessed to be able to do so.” Continue reading Rebuilding the Manitou Incline: The Crew Behind the Reconstruction

Preparing Your Yard for Winter

How to Prepare Your Yard for Winter

With cooler fall temperatures arriving in Colorado comes a variety of tasks every homeowner should complete to protect their yard during cold winter months. Our lawn care professionals created this list of items to tackle in order to prepare your yard for winter.


If you have not already done so, aerate your turfgrass. This will lessen soil compaction and allow nutrients and water to penetrate your lawn.


Fertilize using a high nitrogen fertilizer such as 46-0-0. Aim to apply 1 – 1.5 lb Nitrogen per 1000 square feet of turf. This late season formula will boost energy storage for early spring green up. Continue reading How to Prepare Your Yard for Winter

The Best Plants for Xeriscaping

The Best Plants for Xeriscaping

Ready to save water but also want to enjoy a beautifully landscaped yard? If so, xeriscaping, an environmentally friendly method of landscaping that uses water conserving plants and principles, may be for you. Our landscape design team put together some favorite xeric plants for Colorado Springs and Lisa Pace, Water Conservation Specialist from Colorado Springs Utilities, provided some other great insights for plant selection. Continue reading The Best Plants for Xeriscaping

Paver Patio

What You Need to Know About Installing a Patio on Your Residential Property

Installing a patio isn’t as simple as it seems – many considerations and decisions must be made to ensure that your patio fits your style and life. Contrary to the belief that a patio is laid and then never worked on again, patios require ongoing maintenance throughout the year, and the type of maintenance depends on the type of patio you choose.

Fortunately, our patio experts at Timberline have put together the best tips and tricks to ensure that the patio you choose for your residential landscape fits your landscape style and your maintenance schedule. Continue reading What You Need to Know About Installing a Patio on Your Residential Property

Smart Irrigation with Wi-fi Controllers

Smart Watering with Wi-Fi Irrigation Controllers

How often should I water my lawn? It’s one of the most commonly asked questions by homeowners and property managers. Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” answer. The water your turf and plants need to thrive varies by soil type, weather, and season. Water savings is a true science and, thanks to advances in technology and educated irrigation technicians, it is becoming easier to grasp. Wifi irrigation controllers, like Hunter’s Hydrawise or Rainbird’s Smart Irrigation, are cracking the world of water savings and thriving gardens wide open. Here are the perks of this fantastic innovative technology. Continue reading Smart Watering with Wi-Fi Irrigation Controllers

Why build retaining walls

What You Should Know About Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a useful and often important part of landscaping. While they can be used to create visual interest in an outdoor space, many times they are necessary to control drainage and keep your yard structurally sound.

Why build a retaining wall?

Create additional usable space

Installing retaining walls is a great way to level out areas for a wide variety of uses. Perhaps you’d like a paver patio, a flat area to do vegetable gardening, a level area for a play structure, or even a simple area for grass. Continue reading What You Should Know About Retaining Walls

Essentials of Outdoor Living Spaces

The Essentials of Outdoor Living Spaces

Home is certainly where the heart is. What if you could continue the enjoyment outside? At Timberline Landscaping we have always been inspired by the idea of extending living spaces outdoors by creating awesome usable spaces to enjoy with family and friends. If you are ready to create an outdoor living space at your home, here are some essentials to consider.


To maximize use of your outdoor living space, place it as close as possible to the doorway to your home. Many fabulous outdoor living rooms directly connect to indoor space and truly extend your living room.

Consider traffic patterns. Just like hallways and walkways in your home you will need to be able to easily navigate outdoor living space. You can do this by creating an actual pathway using pavers, flagstone, breeze, and many other materials, by using seating walls or retaining walls to direct traffic, or by simply placing furniture properly.

For a sense of mystery, place your outdoor living area at the end of a pathway or in an area hidden by plants. This can really provide a hideaway and a very private space to relax in your backyard. Continue reading The Essentials of Outdoor Living Spaces