The Best Plants for Xeriscaping

The Best Plants for Xeriscaping

Ready to save water but also want to enjoy a beautifully landscaped yard? If so, xeriscaping, an environmentally friendly method of landscaping that uses water conserving plants and principles, may be for you. Our landscape design team put together some favorite xeric plants for Colorado Springs and Lisa Pace, Water Conservation Specialist from Colorado Springs Utilities, provided some other great insights for plant selection. Continue reading The Best Plants for Xeriscaping

Paver Patio

What You Need to Know About Installing a Patio on Your Residential Property

Installing a patio isn’t as simple as it seems – many considerations and decisions must be made to ensure that your patio fits your style and life. Contrary to the belief that a patio is laid and then never worked on again, patios require ongoing maintenance throughout the year, and the type of maintenance depends on the type of patio you choose.

Fortunately, our patio experts at Timberline have put together the best tips and tricks to ensure that the patio you choose for your residential landscape fits your landscape style and your maintenance schedule. Continue reading What You Need to Know About Installing a Patio on Your Residential Property

Smart Irrigation with Wi-fi Controllers

Smart Watering with Wi-Fi Irrigation Controllers

How often should I water my lawn? It’s one of the most commonly asked questions by homeowners and property managers. Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” answer. The water your turf and plants need to thrive varies by soil type, weather, and season. Water savings is a true science and, thanks to advances in technology and educated irrigation technicians, it is becoming easier to grasp. Wifi irrigation controllers, like Hunter’s Hydrawise or Rainbird’s Smart Irrigation, are cracking the world of water savings and thriving gardens wide open. Here are the perks of this fantastic innovative technology. Continue reading Smart Watering with Wi-Fi Irrigation Controllers

Why build retaining walls

What You Should Know About Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a useful and often important part of landscaping. While they can be used to create visual interest in an outdoor space, many times they are necessary to control drainage and keep your yard structurally sound.

Why build a retaining wall?

Create additional usable space

Installing retaining walls is a great way to level out areas for a wide variety of uses. Perhaps you’d like a paver patio, a flat area to do vegetable gardening, a level area for a play structure, or even a simple area for grass. Continue reading What You Should Know About Retaining Walls

Essentials of Outdoor Living Spaces

The Essentials of Outdoor Living Spaces

Home is certainly where the heart is. What if you could continue the enjoyment outside? At Timberline Landscaping we have always been inspired by the idea of extending living spaces outdoors by creating awesome usable spaces to enjoy with family and friends. If you are ready to create an outdoor living space at your home, here are some essentials to consider.


To maximize use of your outdoor living space, place it as close as possible to the doorway to your home. Many fabulous outdoor living rooms directly connect to indoor space and truly extend your living room.

Consider traffic patterns. Just like hallways and walkways in your home you will need to be able to easily navigate outdoor living space. You can do this by creating an actual pathway using pavers, flagstone, breeze, and many other materials, by using seating walls or retaining walls to direct traffic, or by simply placing furniture properly.

For a sense of mystery, place your outdoor living area at the end of a pathway or in an area hidden by plants. This can really provide a hideaway and a very private space to relax in your backyard. Continue reading The Essentials of Outdoor Living Spaces

Designing and Planting an Annual Flower Bed

It has been said that flowers not only provide beauty, grace, and fragrance, but can also give our spirits a lift. An annual bed is a fantastic way to boost curb appeal, welcome visitors, provide a burst of color year-round, and to top it off, they are great for pollinators. Ready to add a pop of color at your home or business? Here is our guide to designing and planting an annual flower bed. Continue reading Designing and Planting an Annual Flower Bed

Colorado Springs Turf Grass Comparisons

Colorado Springs lawn

There is a lot to consider when deciding what type of turf grass should be planted in a new landscape in Colorado Springs. Because of the elevation, temperatures, and climate, there are many types of plants and turf grasses that do not grow well in the area, especially on larger landscapes.

At Timberline Landscaping, we recommend cool-season grasses – either Kentucky bluegrass or Tall Fescue, for a Colorado Springs lawn. These two kinds of grass are two of the most popular grasses in the Springs, and for good reason. Both are extremely durable, recover nicely from foot traffic, but also stay green and lush for long periods of time.

While both perform somewhat similarly, there are some differences that could impact the decision-making process. We have compared the two to help you make a decision. Continue reading Colorado Springs Turf Grass Comparisons

Yard to Table: Growing a Backyard Vegetable Garden

Yard to Table: Backyard Vegetable Gardens

In recent years, we have seen a resurgence in the “farm to table” movement and support of eating local fruits and vegetables. While you may not have heard of “yard to table” it is also catching on. After all, you simply cannot get more local than your own backyard. Many homeowners are including space for growing their own food when creating their landscape plan and we could not be more excited to support this trend. Are you ready to try your hand at growing your own backyard vegetable garden? If so, we have all that you need to know to get started.

Pick a location

Choose an area of your yard that provides 10-12 hours of sunlight.

If space allows, build a raised garden bed. A wide variety of materials and aesthetics can be used for your structure and in any size. Raised beds are filled with ample amounts of great soil which your edibles will love. Some opt to make their raised beds tall enough to not have to bend over when tending their garden. We recommend not making each bed too wide as you want to be able to reach the center.

For those with smaller spaces, consider a container garden or vertical garden. Many items grow well in small spaces and special varieties labeled for containers are available. You can also incorporate edibles into your existing landscape in an aesthetically pleasing fashion. Continue reading Yard to Table: Growing a Backyard Vegetable Garden

Planting for Spring Color

Planting for Spring Color

Spring, it’s that first breath of life in Colorado after a long, cold winter. Trees, shrubs, and perennials begin to bud, bringing with them a plethora of beautiful spring flowers. Here is what our talented landscape designers recommend planting for spring color in Colorado Springs.

Planting for spring color

For other great ideas for planting in spring ,check out our blog posts on flowers by season, Pinterest boards, and our Colorado Landscaping Timeline. Contact us below if you would like to speak to our expert design team for help bringing spring color into your yard this year.

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Water Features: A Roundup of Our Favorites and a Few Tips

Close your eyes. Does your dream landscape include the soft sound of a water feature bubbling in the background while you enjoy relaxing in your outdoor living space?   Most of us feel a strong pull toward water – and well-designed water features can work wonders for even the most minimal landscaping.

Water features come in a variety of styles and sizes. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite installations – along with a few things to think about if you’re dreaming of babbling brooks and miniature Niagaras.

Types of Water Features

Bubbling Boulders and Fountains

Bubbling Boulder
Bubbling Boulder

Bubbling boulders are a fantastic option for those who want the ambiance of a water feature but may have limited space and budget. With a large variety of boulders and rocks available there are options for every style, from modern to rustic. Multiple holes can be drilled into bubbling boulders for added visual interest.

Fountains are similar to bubbling boulders in that they sit on a pond-free basin. The options are endless, from modern basalt columns to large decorative vases and they come in a very wide variety of sizes and budgets. Continue reading Water Features: A Roundup of Our Favorites and a Few Tips