5 Ways to Prepare For Your Meeting with a Landscape Designer

5 Ways to Prepare for Your Meeting with a Landscape Designer

So, you are finally making your back yard dreams a reality and hiring a landscape designer! Redesigning your landscape can be a fun and rewarding process! Being prepared for your meeting with your landscape designer can help them create your custom landscape as well as expedite the design and installation process. Here are 5 ways to prepare for your meeting with a landscape designer.

Think about the functionality of your yard

What do you want to use your yard for? You might be hosting parties for the neighborhood or after-school play dates for your kids. If you have pets that like to chomp on plants, you should consider using plants that are not toxic to your animals! For a list of pet friendly landscapes click here. Another consideration is how much maintenance you want to do on your landscape. Your landscape designer will be able to customize your yard according to your needs!

5 ways to prepare for your meeting with a landscape designer

Be aware of HOA guidelines

Many newer neighborhoods (and some older) have homeowners association (HOA) guidelines that they must follow. Some of these stipulations can dictate what kinds of plants you can install, as well as what type of fence you can have on your property. Knowing your HOA guidelines will be helpful to the designer so you can both stay on the same page when it comes to plant and tree type specifics. A knowledgeable landscape designer will already be aware of your HOA guidelines and restrictions and will accurately plan around them.

Communicate deadlines, hopes, and dreams

Make sure you communicate clearly in all steps of the landscape design process. If you have a HOA or event deadline that needs to be met, be sure your designer knows that! Communicate any dislikes or allergies you or a family member might have when discussing the types of plants/trees you would like installed. Don’t be afraid to ask your designer any questions you might have. They understand that landscaping may be new to you and are more than willing to help. It is best to meet with your landscape designer before their busy season so they can schedule you in before things get hectic.

Research and then research some more!

Having a Pinterest board for your dream back yard is common, however, make sure the ideas you act on are realistic for the climate you live in. Asking for a southern style landscape might not be possible in our dry Colorado climate. Also, have a general idea of some flowers or plants you might like or colors that you want to see when you walk out into your little bit of heaven landscape paradise. You don’t need to plan it down to exactly what you want where because that is the designer’s role in the process.

5 ways to prepare for your meeting with a landscape designer

Know your budget

It is very important to be up-front about your budget with your landscape designer, so they can plan accordingly. Think about what features you would like to see in your landscaping and consider about how much those features might cost. One helpful question to ask your designer is: what is a realistic budget in my neighborhood? It’s also helpful to have a ballpark estimate of what you would be willing to spend so the designer can discuss in more detail what they can design for you.

If you plan ahead and follow these guidelines, your meeting with your landscape designer will be nothing short of successful! If you have additional questions about our custom landscape designs please visit our Residential Design page or contact our landscape designers to set up a meeting!