5 Benefits of Smart Irrigation Controllers

Smart technology is becoming increasingly popular in the home. Smart technology is more efficient and makes life easier. There’s no reason why smart technology shouldn’t move outdoors to help us with our landscapes too. Our favorite outdoor technology is the smart irrigation controller. A smart irrigation controller waters your landscape for you, but with the added features of adjusting based on weather, plant type, and other things depending on the controller.  The benefits of smart irrigation controllers definitely outweigh the costs of basic stand-alone controllers.

Low-tech stand-alone controllers are typically just a timer. They do not provide any weather input or alerts and typically result in excessive water waste and even landscape loss from overwatering. Here are 5 benefits you’ll experience when you upgrade to a smart irrigation controller:

Weathermatic Smart Irrigation System

Smart Irrigation Controller Benefits:


1. Save a ton of money by reducing water waste

Depending on the smart irrigation controller you select, it can adjust for the daily weather, the plant type you are watering, the soil type, and slope. Some smart controllers even offer site-specific weather adjustments to adjust for the specific micro-climate on your property to reduce the risk of overwatering even further.

Controllers can be adjusted from your phone and can help you identify leaks that are otherwise very difficult to find with a low-tech controller.

Did you know that up to 70% of water usage occurs outside for irrigation? Even more alarming is this statistic from the Environmental Protection Agency: As much as 50% of irrigation water is wasted. Think about your water bill. That is a huge amount of water that is being wasted! Smart irrigation controllers significantly reduce waste and allow you to save money and the environment.

2. Enhanced landscape health and beauty

Many people are concerned that making the switch to a smart irrigation controller will hurt their landscape because their plants won’t get enough water. But, the number 1 cause of landscape loss is overwatering, not underwatering. This proves that an adjustment just might take your landscape to the next level.

Smart irrigation controllers can be adjusted to water your plants the right amount so they can thrive. Some controllers adjust for the soil type as well which cycles and soaks your irrigation in the perfect increments of time, so water is absorbed and doesn’t run off.

They also adjust for rain which prevents overwatering that can harm your plants.

3. Helps you prepare for the future of water

water fact about rising costs of water

One-third of the U.S. now pays more for water than electricity. Water rates are continuing to rise and water is generally a top operation cost.

The cost of water is rising faster than all other utility costs. Those rates will continue to rise to pay for infrastructure improvements.

A smart irrigation controller can help you get ahead of the water cost curve and help the planet by conserving your water resources.

4. Smart irrigation controllers help you reduce hardscape loss

Hardscapes are the non-living parts of your landscape such as your rock walls and patios.  Watering exactly where your plants are, helps you reduce hardscape loss. Replacing and maintaining hardscapes that are cracking and eroding from irrigation is costly, not to mention the water that is wasted.

Watering with a smart irrigation controller will also prevent cracking pavement and sidewalks by reducing runoff.

5. Avoid fines with your smart irrigation controller

Smart irrigation controllers let you easily adjust how much you’re watering your landscape. This allows you to always be compliant with Homeowner Association and Government water restrictions.

Timberline’s Irrigation Experts recommend:

The key to saving money, reducing water waste, and maintaining a beautiful landscape is switching to a smart irrigation controller. Learn more about Timberline’s best recommendation for the smart controller you should select for your property. Don’t forget to share so you can help others learn the benefits of smart irrigation controllers!

benefits of smart irrigation controllers