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Storm Damage to Trees_ Common Problems and Solutions

Storm Damage to Trees: Common Problems and Solutions

In 2019, the Bomb Cyclone followed by the May 20th late heavy snowstorm after temperatures were warming up did a number on trees. Part of this damage was caused by heavy winds and heavy, wet snow, but another reason why we are seeing tree damage is because of the hard freeze that occurred after the snowstorms, when many trees had already begun to awaken from their winter slumber.

This caused a lot of the die-back we currently see, as trees that were already beginning to bud lost their leaves.  Young trees, or those with any damage or health issues, may have been left with too little energy to re-leaf. Our arborists have compiled information to aid you, and your trees in recovering from this and future storms.

As with any extreme temperature fluctuation, the damage to trees isn’t always short term. Severe weather events like these can cause problems in trees for years to come and may even result in tree loss. Be sure to inspect your trees for weather damage, and keep your eye out for the following:

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