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Preparing Your Yard for Winter

How to Prepare Your Yard for Winter

With cooler fall temperatures arriving in Colorado comes a variety of tasks every homeowner should complete to protect their yard during cold winter months. Our lawn care professionals created this list of items to tackle in order to prepare your yard for winter.


If you have not already done so, aerate your turfgrass. This will lessen soil compaction and allow nutrients and water to penetrate your lawn.


Fertilize using a high nitrogen fertilizer such as 46-0-0. Aim to apply 1 – 1.5 lb Nitrogen per 1000 square feet of turf. This late season formula will boost energy storage for early spring green up. Continue reading How to Prepare Your Yard for Winter

The Best Plants for Xeriscaping

The Best Plants for Xeriscaping

Ready to save water but also want to enjoy a beautifully landscaped yard? If so, xeriscaping, an environmentally friendly method of landscaping that uses water conserving plants and principles, may be for you. Our landscape design team put together some favorite xeric plants for Colorado Springs and Lisa Pace, Water Conservation Specialist from Colorado Springs Utilities, provided some other great insights for plant selection. Continue reading The Best Plants for Xeriscaping