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Xeriscape in Colorado Springs

Xeriscaping in Colorado Springs: Decrease Water Waste, Boost Curb Appeal

Xeriscaping refers to an environmentally-friendly method of landscaping that reduces the need for supplemental water. Due to a lack of easily accessible fresh water sources and dry conditions, xeriscaping in Colorado Springs is continuing to grow in popularity.

What is Xeriscaping?

Xeriscaping Colorado Springs

Xeriscaping makes use of plants and shrubs – and sometimes a variety of other visually appealing materials – that don’t require a lot of water. Colorado is one of the places where this trend is really catching hold. It often involves installation of native plants which naturally thrive in our area coupled with reduced turf grass area or use of water conscious turf. Continue reading Xeriscaping in Colorado Springs: Decrease Water Waste, Boost Curb Appeal

Outdoor Fire Features, stucco firepit

Using Fire Features to Enjoy Your Yard in Winter

In a Colorado Springs winter, it’s enjoyable to go outside to ski or play in the snow. However, what if you just want to relax outside with friends and enjoy the snowy view? When it’s cold out, relaxing outdoors can seem out of the question, but it’s not as crazy as you would think. When it’s too chilly out to spend some time on your patio, fire features like an outdoor fireplace could be just what you need to warm up your patio space and enjoy it all year long – even on the coldest winter day.

According to the American Society of Landscape Architects, fire features are the No. 1 requested design feature for residential properties. There are many things to consider while pondering whether to add fire features to your outdoor space. The design, how it burns, and what you want to use the fire features for can all influence your buying decision. Continue reading Using Fire Features to Enjoy Your Yard in Winter

Broadmoor Estate House

Transforming the Landscape of the Broadmoor Estate House

When The Broadmoor proposed transforming their beautiful 12,000 square-foot estate house into a space for events, weddings,  or families  to stay for a weekend, they had quite a bit of work ahead of them. The once luxurious historical estate had deteriorated over time, but The Broadmoor Estate House still had the potential to be restored into a mansion just as breathtaking as it was in the past.

The estate, which was constructed in 1930, has been called Gatsby-esque and the landscape renovation that Timberline Landscaping completed has certainly helped recall the era.

Broadmoor Estate House

The History of The Broadmoor Estate House

The land was purchased from The Broadmoor in 1923, and the Estate House was built during the Great Depression for $60,000. The home was built for Thomas Harris Powers, a Pennsylvania native.  He hired an architectural firm out of Boston – Frohman, Robb, and Little – to design the estate, and titled it “La Tourelle” for its turret on the front of the house. He owned the estate until 1949.

The estate was then sold to an Oklahoma man for $100,000, but was sold again 11 years later, and several more times after that. The estate then fell into despair and was bank owned until February of 2016, when The Broadmoor purchased it again and began the journey of bringing the estate back to life. Continue reading Transforming the Landscape of the Broadmoor Estate House