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Incline Update: November 21, 2016

Work on the Incline will be drawing to a close in just a few short weeks and everything is expected to be wrapped up in time for a December 2nd reopening.  The number of steps may be changing, but only very slightly, and will be shared once work is 100 % completed. New pads are going in to more accurately track the number of people climbing the trail each day.manitou incline construction

The last of our helicopter delivery days was completed last week. Topsoil, netting, and seeding is complete which will help with erosion mitigation. In total 200 tons of topsoil and 100 tons of riprap was flown in. When possible riprap was collected from the wooded areas near the trail and brought over via a pulley system to the trail (video below).

Our most exciting days are those that we were visited by a bear and her cubs. They kept a safe distance but certainly serve as a reminder that we should all be aware when out hiking!

Thank you for your patience and support while the trail has been closed. See you on December 2nd!

manitou incline construction




Landscaping the US Open at The Broadmoor

How Sustainable Landscaping Benefits Your Business

Sustainable landscaping doesn’t only benefit the environment; it can benefit your business as well. It can save your business money and earn your firm special certifications while contributing to a healthier Colorado Springs environment.

Many members of the Timberline team are certified with The Green Industries of Colorado (Green CO), and adhere to Best Management Practices for Sustainability. These environmentally friendly practices set “guidelines on how to reduce water consumption and protect water quality while producing, designing, installing and maintaining healthy, beautiful landscapes.” Continue reading How Sustainable Landscaping Benefits Your Business