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Incline Update: October 14, 2016

Things are progressing very well for our team up on The Incline!

Construction of timber walls has been completed, bringing our focus toward rip-rap boulder walls which are being constructed using 45 + tons of rock. Some of the rock being utilized was collected off the  mountain itself and transported via pulley systems out of the woods and to the trail.

Many storm water chases are now in place. These will serve to direct water away from the trail when it rains to save the trail from further erosion. When the trail re-opens you will notice that many drainage swales have been constructed 5-10 feet away from the trail to provide further protection from run-off.

Next week we will have three helicopter delivery days to fly in topsoil and additional riprap boulders.

Holiday Lighting Tips

Holiday Lighting Tips

Many of us hold dear the memory of our childhood home decorated for the Christmas Season. Those warm lights glowing on a cold night and the feelings they bring are something we strive to recreate for our children, visiting family, and even strangers passing by. Here are some professional holiday lighting tips to create a memorable display this year.

Start Early and Develop a Plan

It is much safer and more pleasant to install your lighting before the weather becomes too frigid. Slippery ice on your pavement or roof adds an extreme level of danger and difficulty to an already time consuming task. Check with your HOA before installing. Many HOA’s will allow you to hang lighting early as long as it is not turned on until after Thanksgiving.

Developing a plan prior to climbing your ladder is incredibly helpful. Your lights serve to welcome visitors to your home, so consider your front door as a focal point. A wide variety of colors and combinations are available depending on your taste but simple design is often a reliable holiday classic.

5 Key Design Areas

5 elements of holiday lighting

At Timberline Landscaping we design and install with 5 key elements in mind.

  • Roofline- Adding lights to your roofline and gutters of your home will provide the timeless look so many of us hope for in a lighting display.
  • Windows- Frame focal windows to add more interest.
  • Ground Décor- Add lighting to your pathways and driveways. It is beautiful and will help company safely navigate to your front door at night.
  • Trees & Shrubs- When selecting which of your trees and shrubs to light remember that they should frame the focal point of your home. They can also provide balance to your overall display.
  • Daytime Décor- Many people forget to consider daytime elements. Adding garland, wreaths, and festive bows can give your home a welcome feel before the sun goes down.

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