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Incline Update: September 9, 2016

With our first couple of weeks of construction on The Incline complete, we wanted to provide an update of what has happened thus far.

Much of our effort in the first weeks was placed upon organizing materials and preparing for our first helicopter day. Each helicopter drop location was numbered and marked on the trail and loads carefully planned by weight with a total of 54 loads and 100,000 pounds of materials flown in to date. These drops included timbers, concrete, augers, metal brackets, and a port-o-potty, among other things.  Some items have been carried by hand up the trail including wheelbarrows, shovels, and one 500 pound drill that we were unable to fly in. The crew hikes The Incline each day to the jobsite.

Helicopter dropping supplies on Manitou Incline

To date our crews have completed 4 water chases, started 9 retaining walls, and installed or repaired 100+ timber steps.

Manitou Incline steps

Here is a closer look at what it is like on The Incline when the helicopter is delivering supplies!