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Where Can I Hike While the Manitou Incline is Closed?

We get it – your favorite trail, the Manitou Incline, is closed for re-construction, and you’re itching for another good hike. No worries, there are plenty of hiking trails in Manitou Springs for you to visit!

Here are some directions to Manitou Springs and local attractions you can explore while you wait for the Incline to reopen:

Map of Manitou Springs Hiking

Want to see more Colorado Springs trails? Check out our Colorado Springs trails guide and map.

Planting For Fall Color

Planting for Fall Color

Fall, it’s a favorite time of year for many Colorado residents, and for good reason. The switch flips in late September and suddenly the air is cooler and the leaves begin to change. We are well known for groves of golden yellow Aspens but there are many other choices you can make in your yard to bring in a variety of beautiful fall color this autumn. Continue reading Planting for Fall Color

Pet Friendly Landscaping

Pet Friendly Landscapes

When designing your yard it is important to consider the needs of all family members, including those on four legs. We talked to our landscape designers to see what they recommend when designing pet friendly landscapes.

Features to include

Thankfully, many of the things we humans enjoy about our backyards are also preferred by our pooches. A relaxing water feature for you can double as a fun water bowl for your pup. Keep in mind your pet’s personality when meeting with your landscape designer. If you have a dog that likes to run the perimeter of one portion of your yard you may want to opt for a path in that area, rather than installing plants or turf that could be easily trampled.

  • Have an open space to play.
  • Provide a designated spot to do their business. No one likes a spotted lawn, and, while they do make supplements to give your dog to help with the issue, these are often not recommended by vets. Train your dog to use a mulched or graveled area.
  • Shade is important for humans and animals alike. A pergola, umbrella, or trees to provide cover will keep the entire family cool.
  • Places to hide are a great feature to include if you have a cat that ventures out. They will enjoy stalking from the sidelines.
  • Include a shallow water feature that recirculates as standing water can pose a danger. Clean it regularly to keep it free of bacteria.
  • Plant bed areas densely and consider a defined border for areas you want your dog to avoid.

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Family Friendly Landscaping

Family Friendly Landscapes

“If we want children to flourish, to become truly empowered, then let us allow them to love the earth before we ask them to save it” –David Sobel

In today’s tech-centric world it is more important than ever to encourage not just our children, but our entire family, to spend more time outdoors. Studies show that time spent in the backyard, surrounded by nature, is good for our mind, body, and soul. Children who are exposed to green spaces show improved learning and memory, are less stressed, and have boosts in creativity. Outdoor childhood play also has a direct correlation with recycling, buying green products, and continued outdoor recreation as adults. Here are some of our favorite family friendly elements to consider when planning your backyard. Keep in mind that your design can be classy, beautiful, and fun.

dventure Weekend

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