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Planting for Butterflies

Planting to Attract Butterflies

What if your children or grandchildren NEVER got to see a butterfly in their lifetime? It’s a sad thought and one that may become a reality if we are not careful. The population of the Monarch Butterfly in North America has declined by more than 90 percent in the last 20 years from use of insecticides and decreased breeding habitat. By planting to attract butterflies and providing host plants for caterpillars you can help save butterflies and get the added bonus of watching them flutter around in your yard. Here are some helpful tips to start your own butterfly garden.

Plant Host Plants to Support Caterpillars

An important first step to attracting butterflies to your garden is to provide for them during their caterpillar stage. Leaf damage may occur; if this bothers you, use gloved hands to transport the caterpillar to a less visible plant or to the backside of a plant.  Some varieties will eat your carrots, parsley, and dill so keep your vegetable garden protected.

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