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Should I Mow My Lawn in Winter? Cold-Weather Lawn Care

Although grass does not stop growing in winter, it grows so slowly when temperatures go below 40 degrees Fahrenheit that mowing your lawn between November and March isn’t necessary (scroll down to see the step you must follow if you need to mow your lawn during winter). On the other side of the spectrum – and in a different hemisphere – grass stops growing when temperatures rise above 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

The only time grass can grow normally during a typical Colorado winter is if a patch of grass were to receive several hours of reflective heat (from sunlight) each day from a nearby building constructed of aluminum or metal compound. So while you might not have to deal with your lawn in the coldest months, there are a few things you can do to make sure your lawn is lush and healthy when the spring thaw comes.  Continue reading Should I Mow My Lawn in Winter? Cold-Weather Lawn Care

Starting Your Seeds Indoors

Middle to late March is a great time to start planning your summer vegetable garden. In Colorado Springs, where our growing season is much shorter than other locales, starting your seeds indoors can give you a 4-6 week head start to enjoying your harvest.


  • Soil- choose a seeding mix or transplanting mix that is light. Seeds do not start well in a heavy soil.
  • Containers- 2-3 inches wide and deep. You can purchase a tray, or use what you have at home (like Dixie cups or egg cartons), just make sure that whatever you use has holes to allow for drainage.
  • Variety of Seeds- see our guide below on which veggies transplant better.
  • Cellophane- to hold in moisture until seeds sprout.
  • Spray bottle with water- to keep your soil moist.

Continue reading Starting Your Seeds Indoors