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Kid-Friendly Nature Activities: Take a Child Outside Week

take a child outsideThe week of September 24-30 is international “Take a Child Outside Week.” The goal of this week is to get children and their families out in nature, experiencing and studying what it has to offer. According to the University of Colorado, childhood play in nature is associated with recycling, buying green products and choosing nature areas for recreation in adulthood (Come Alive Outside). This awareness week is not just about being outdoors, but focusing on the natural world. Look closely at the trees, plants and wildlife around you!


Colorado Springs is home to some of the best trails and nature parks in the state. Check out our Colorado Springs Trails Guide for some ideas on where you can experience nature!

You don’t have to leave your backyard to “Take a Child Outside” though. Your own lawn hosts a plethora of plant life, insects, and maybe even wildlife.

Activity Ideas

Here are some ideas to help you get started. Remember, the goal is to experience and study nature, not just be in it. For other ideas, visit Continue reading Kid-Friendly Nature Activities: Take a Child Outside Week