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why soil ph matters

Why Soil pH Matters

There’s a little known fact about what Goldilocks did before sitting down to each Little Bear’s porridge. It’s true – she took a stroll through their gardens, and tested the soil pH. Papa Bear’s soil was too alkaline – 9.2! Mama Bear’s was far too acidic – 3.5. Baby Bear’s garden, though? Just right. A perfectly neutral 7.1.

Silly stories aside, if you want to have a garden to work in or if you wish to decorate with plants, shrubs, or trees, you’ll want to have a healthy yard. That starts with good soil. If you’re looking to install new plantings or sod during a drought, you’ll have to have your soil tested before you can get a permit to water outside the restrictions.. When you are amending your soil you must also keep in mind the type of plants you want to grow. Certain plants prefer more acidic soil, like blueberries and azaleas.
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