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How Commercial Landscaping Affects Your Business

Don’t settle for good – seek great.

When you own or manage a business, there are ways to “be green” other than focusing on eco-friendly issues such as energy-efficiency and recycling. One of the most obvious methods to control your own environment is to give the right attention to your business’s landscaping.

Designed by PWP Landscape Architecture, Pixar Animation Studio’s clean and bright landscaping includes features like an outdoor amphitheater. The company’s landscaping drives home its emphasis on collaboration and innovation.

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How to Maintain Your Landscaping and Help It Thrive in the Winter

Whether you’re spending your winter months in a sunny southern locale or bundling up in a Colorado cabin, you’ll need to tend to your landscaping to make sure it survives the season as comfortably as you do. Taking measures to protect both your hardscape (patio, porch, walkways) and landscape (trees, bushes, plants, and grass).

The National Gardening Association (NGA) provides a zip code map that allows you to look up your area and learn what care specific plants and trees need to successfully survive the winter. Consult your zip code’s guidelines, and then follow these general principles to protect your landscaping in the winter no matter where you’ll be. Continue reading How to Maintain Your Landscaping and Help It Thrive in the Winter

DIY Snow Removal: Are You Doing it Right?

The changes in seasons create a certain rhythm to our lives. In the summer we start thinking about revitalizing our lawn and landscaping. Summer brings mowing, fall brings those pesky leaves, and then there’s winter. Depending on where you live, this season can present some of your biggest outdoor challenges. Winter blizzards, snow, and ice can effectively bring our normal routine to a standstill.

If you live in a place like Colorado Springs, you know that frequent and major snowfall can quickly become a problem. Aside from the issue of blocking roads and driveways, snow can damage roofs and other outside structures. When snow melts in low temperatures, the ice that forms can create its own bevy of problems and hazards. Continue reading DIY Snow Removal: Are You Doing it Right?