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Fire-Resistant Landscaping & Plants for Colorado Summers

Plan, plant and maintain for drought-tolerant landscaping.

Those 3 steps will get you far – and they’re extremely important. In a few states – including Colorado – a large number of people are relocating to rural areas, which means they’re putting themselves and their homes more at risk of wildfire damage. In our state alone, wildfires have burned through some 75,000 acres of land making fire mitigation more important than ever. The still-spreading blazes can largely be attributed to the dead or dry vegetation created by climate and environmental changes over the years.


While you might not be able to prevent the spread of a wildfire to your area, you can utilize proper planning to help save your home. Designing your landscaping to be drought-resistant or drought-tolerant – and designing smartly – can be a literal life-saver. Here’s a more in-depth look at how to implement fire- and drought-resistant landscaping around your home. Continue reading Fire-Resistant Landscaping & Plants for Colorado Summers